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sunrise - wind point

It was worth it. Waking up to see the sunrise. We'd been talking about another photo shoot, and maybe the weight of what’s been happening the last six months was the push we needed. How to escape? How to still enjoy life in spite of it all? I’ll admit, I haven’t always been a morning person, but sometimes you have to push yourself and go and find your own adventure. I guess we can’t truly appreciate the light without also experiencing the dark, and with all we're dealing with right now - experiencing the dawn of a new day just seemed like the right thing to do. It was a 2 am rise for me (I may have hit snooze a time or two), but I was being drawn to the shoreline. A sense of peace. No interruptions, just water and sky. The ebb and flow of a distant tide.

Are these teachable moments, the things we go through? Regardless, they're heavy sometimes - like gravity. Maybe the weight of being told we should get used to this being a new normal was enough to say, “No.” Maybe seeing some of the anger and resentment that’s been prevalent lately was enough for me to say out loud “I’m not allowing this to harden my heart.” I refuse to be held down and live in fear, and I won’t submit to negativity. I refuse to accept that this is the way things have to be. That doesn’t mean being irresponsible, uncaring, or turning a blind eye to hard truths and the challenges we’re all facing. But protecting yourself and your energy is part of survival. It means not allowing negative influences to cloud your perception to the fact that despite the circumstances, there is still so much to be thankful for. It mean's accepting that sometimes in life we must weather the storm, but it's not forever. There is so much beauty, we just have to wake up and go find it. There’s still an amazing world out there yet to be explored, and I think it's worth smiling about.

For more photos from this session, head over to my Instagram page.

With love and light,


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