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don't you shy away

And just like that, I have a new track available everywhere.

"Bloom" (The backstory)...

Looking out my window on a cold spring day, I happened to notice a few tiny buds beginning to emerge from the branches of a tree near my front step. I was in one of those places of uncertainty at the time - not really understanding what had just happened, and feeling vulnerable, cast into an unknown place with no real direction. Just a few days later, I had noticed those little buds had blossomed into something wildly different - vibrant, new. And even in that moment I knew they weren’t done changing shape.

The guitar has always been my safe-haven in times like these. I started strumming a few chords while staring out into what felt like a dull and dreary future, and began to notice the tree branches swaying, as if connected with the music I was playing.

“Bloom” was built from the ground up from my home studio throughout the throes of the pandemic. From conception, to performance, and in every aspect in between. Each instrument I chose to incorporate was a challenge - both to learn their various voicing's and technical aspects, but also how they fit together with the tools I had available at the time. Every-time I became discouraged I was reminded that this was a test of endurance, self-acceptance, growth, and most importantly, a message of love.

The deeper, spirited meaning of this journey lifted me out of a dark place - like a whisper from above. It told me I needed to be patient with myself.

I honestly believe it was a higher power sending me the strength I needed to find myself again. It told me I needed to know and understand something important, and that I needed to tell the world. We are all powerful beyond measure - and sometimes change can be the best thing for us.

I want to thank Owen Sartori at F5 Soundhouse for being brave enough to help me tighten the production on this song, and helping me mix the final product. Also to Davide Raso for his assistant production work on tracking the final vocals. Thank You to Kenny Leiser and Kevin Rowe for transcribing my string section into a beautiful rainbow of trueness that makes me feel like I’m flying.

Thank You to my great friend and confidant, John Hart for listening to my late night voice memo texts, and encouraging me through nearly every step of producing this track. Thank you also for your willingness to jump at any kind opportunity to capture these shots that have helped me to tell my story. A special thank you to Mat Leffler-Schulman at Mobtown Studios who I somehow manifested via the digital universe for the final master. -And a huge thank you to James R. Meny for mentoring, befriending, and guiding me to find my voice again. I couldn't have done this without you.

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