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The Present: A Newfound Rhythm

The sense of excitement as spring morphs into its grand new awakening gets me every time. As time has passed, I notice more of the finer details of this heavenly dance. The greens take on a different hue, vibrant yet delicate. I watch in wonder with the change throughout spring into early summer, and beyond. It’s a slow and steady flex, yet it all happens so fast, and I’m awestruck by its complexity. 

Not much has changed for me, and yet so much has changed. I continue to write, record, dream, and dream some more… On top of my design endeavors, mom duties take me from sporting event to sporting event and school-related functions nearly every weekend. Although there never seems to be enough time in the day, my music catalog continues to grow, and I’m really proud of what continues to surface.

Every moment seems jam-packed these days, and yet I’ve taken a different approach over the years, listening intently to the divine whispers, and moving with its rhythm. I’ve found relief in the re-evaluation of priorities, and how becoming more intentional about where I focus my energy brings me greater peace.

I often wonder what the next chapter is, and where this newfound rhythm will take me. To some extent, we can see certain things on the horizon of our futures, while others we’re left to ponder. For now though, the grass is pretty plush and green, so I think I’ll stay as long as I can, enjoying the present.

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