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heading east

I haven't blogged in almost two years. Juggling life uphill can surely pass the time, but I'm a terrible juggler so you can only imagine what that may have looked like (laughs). The amazing part is, I'm feeling stronger than I've felt in over 10 years. Single mom, musician, artist, free-spirit, what could go wrong? Well, a lot can happen in two years and blogging just wasn't something I could pull myself to do mentally. Absorbing changes and growing internally is something we all must do at some point. Music took a back seat, however I'd been there before, and I knew it wasn't forever. I've learned to be patient with myself and that life is meant to be taken one step at a time. I now take each day as it comes, and when the days are hard, I remind myself this is a test of endurance and if I don't believe in myself, then who's going to believe in me? 

Much like the seasons, we as beings are ever-changing - shapes and souls that evolve, reinvent and reignite. The internal work is what has brought me to this very day. The day I've decide I'm ready to start the next chapter. The best chapter yet, and I’ll open the scene with a story that started at 2:00am. My alarm went off and I was eager to head east to catch the sunrise....

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