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dream awake

I'm in the studio today working on a new song called "Dream Awake." I was so inspired by the success of the Kickstarter campaign that I decided to put two new songs on the album that were not intended to be on it. Lo and behold they are turning out to be two of my favorite tracks. Funny how that works. It's all because of you!

I played this particular song up in Ephraim, WI last summer while it was untitled and I was still mulling around some of the lyrics in my head. I like to sing my songs in the raw live from time to time. Sometimes there is an energy in the audience that will spark something, or a line that works perfect. Other times it's just good practice.

A gentleman came up to me after the show and asked "What do you think about calling your untitled song "Dream Awake.' You said something about dreaming and that's what I heard. Just an idea." he said. I loved it! Especially knowing someone thought that much of it to come up after the show and talk with me about it. It stuck as a working title all the way through to this brisk November day. This isn't the first time I've taken an audience members input on a title, another being "The Walrus."

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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