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4 reasons festivals rock!

A friend recently stopped by to catch one of the band's rehearsals as we head into the summer and kick off one of my favorite times of the year -- the music festival season! The first one on our schedule, Brat Fest, is happening over the Memorial Holiday weekend in Madison. It's probably the one I've played the longest, and is always fun with lots of familiar faces. Plus, the people who attend are hungry, and not just for brats, but for nice weather and loads of live music.

So, my friend asked us if we'd rather play the bigger stages and crowds at festivals or if we enjoy the smaller venues, where I can play a solo show or as a duo or trio. I love the intimate spaces, and it is often where people really take in the words and catch the meanings to the songs. I have some favorites, for sure, but after a long Wisconsin winter I am really looking forward to getting outside to play. It's just one of the reasons festivals are fun:

1. The weather. There's something special about the smells of outdoor cooking, hot sun, and a cold beverage. And of course live music outside!

2. Meeting and being around other musicians. Most festivals include national acts traveling from all over the United States. It's so interesting to meet new people and hear about their personal adventures on the road, their take on the music business, and how they are making it work for them.

3. Short, quick, and exciting sets. Most festivals, like Brat Fest in Madison or Mile of Music in Appleton, give you approximately 45-to-60 minutes to play. I have always looked at this as a way to shine by picking all of your favorite songs and playing them right after the other, like a showcase of your best work!

4. The crowd. Everyone goes to festivals to have FUN and be entertained. And just being a small part of the fun is probably the best job anyone could ever have -- thank you. And looking forward to seeing you this summer!

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