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My son and I moved to a new town in the summer of 2018. Everything changed for us, and we basically had to start over. New school, new apartment, and new beginnings that came with all sorts of challenges.

It was Mothers Day, and my son’s teacher surprised all of the moms with a little seedling that the kids had planted weeks prior. I didn’t know what type of plant it was, but we took care of it, and eventually put it into a new pot. The excitement I felt watching the seedling grow into leaves that continued to change sparked my curiosity even more. Lo and behold, it was a marigold that eventually bloomed into the most beautiful yellow orange blossoms that kept me smiling all summer long.

As the blossoms started to pull back into themselves and dry up nearing the end of summer, my mom let me know that you could pull the buds off at the end of the season, store them in a jar over the winter, and plant them again the following spring.

I’ve continued this tradition for the last 4 years, and every year I’ve been blessed with marigolds from the same plant (some popping up in places I’d least expect). As time has passed, I’ve begun to feel a deeper sense of meaning with this tradition. That whole “circle of life” thing, and the rebirth from fallen seeds is comforting to me. I’ve often felt guided by mother nature in my musings, and as I’ve been building concepts and writing songs, whether consciously or not, I’ve kept this idea in the back of my mind.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has joined my Patreon so far. Monday afternoon I received the first mix back of a track I plan to release this spring titled “Bloom,” and I was really happy with it. I’m getting ready to head to Minneapolis to record the final vocals very soon, so if you haven’t already, head over to my Patreon page and be the first to watch, and hear it all unfold. I've also given anyone who visits the page a little "snippet" of today's edit. I hope you enjoy!

With love & light,


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