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Driftless Wisconsin

Last summer I had the chance to visit a very unique location, literally in the middle of nowhere. I remember after the photoshoot - when I finally found reception again - seeing a concerned text from my mom: “Where are you?” I called her back and she told me she saw my GPS location near some country road, in a field for hours in western Wisconsin. I probably should have given her a heads-up.

I find it intriguing that there are so many untold stories that lay within the walls of this old abandoned farm home. What we captured there that day was mysterious and fascinating - watching Mother Nature slowly reclaim her place again. What once was someone's home - a place to live, work and grow - is now storage for hay barrels and a pretty epic photo location.

There’s nothing quite like the scenic views of Wisconsin farmland during peak season. To me, it's the older farm homes and barns that carry a mystique all their own. Unspoken tales of someone's life, both past and present, breathing emotion. While during this photoshoot we captured bits and pieces of someone's untold story, the rest is left to one's imagination.

Looking back almost nine months later it feels a distant, but fond memory. It was an honor working with Pete Olsen who scouted this location and invited me to visit the stunning Driftless Area of Wisconsin. These are just a snippet from the photoshoot that day. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you in the days to come.

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