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hiatus intended

Hey all. Just wanted to stop in to say hello and let you know I'm still here! I haven't written a blog since August! School has consumed a lot of my time lately, although everything I'm learning is blowing my mind (in a good way) and I'm having a blast. That's not my only excuse though... I'm the kind of person who has like 236 tabs open at once. My hiatus is more or less just me playing catch up and slowly removing irons from the fire. I love that you care!

Good news though. I'm currently booking again and looking to fill some dates this Holiday season. Have you heard of house concerts? Interested in learning more? Email for more info. They're fun and affordable and I can send you a great blog written by my good Joy on how they work exactly.

Fun bit: Check out my Cinemagraphic GIF. There's a creepy aspect. Think animatronic robot in Disney World.


Much Love,


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