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still in awe. kickstarter update

YOU rock my world!

The final number reached just over $21,000. I cannot believe it! You are making my dreams come true! Thank you to my amazing family, friends, band and to everyone who has been involved up until this point. With all that I have, I am so incredibly grateful and excited for all of this to come to life! Did I say Thank You yet? I'm just in awe!

Things are moving and grooving with wrapping up the last of what needs to be done. We are mixing the last few songs and sending to mastering the third week in November. Artwork is currently underway, and then it's on to pressing the album, packaging and shipping your goodies!

I'm doing my best to keep everything on schedule and had high hopes for the end of November, but of course with all pending deadlines, comes some unforeseen setbacks. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned!

I'll be posting updates more frequently as the production is now in full swing.

In the meantime, check out this rough version of the First Official Trading Card and artwork for your VIP and All Access passes. Bomb-diggity!

To anyone who is still interested in supporting this project, it's not too late! Please email for more information.

You're amazing!


Katie Scullin

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