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Where am I at with my blogs? #6 maybe? I want to keep these blogs going, but sometimes I'm unsure what's next. What do you want to know, really? Throw me a question or topic, please! :)

Most of you know I've launched my Kickstarter. Over the years people have told me, "whatever you do, keep doing what you're doing." So I guess that's what I'm doing! I love it, it makes me happy and I deeply want to keep at it. The Kickstarter is stepping outside of my comfort zone to say the least. Asking for money is extremely awkward, but I'm hoping you see it as a give and take!

In talking with a friend before the launch, she asked what I was trying to raise. I could tell she was surprised when I told her my goal. It's a hefty goal indeed, yet when it's put out on the table it's easy to see how quickly it gets eaten up.

I reached out to my dear friend and video producer Hunter Connors Herm, who put together my campaign video, The Walrus, Sweet Escape and a new video we wrote, filmed and edited in 48hours that's coming out this week! (Stay tuned!). He has invested a great deal into his production business as well, so out of curiosity, I asked "Roughly, what have you invested into your gear?"

"Camera 30K

Lenses 18K

Steadicam 28K

Other gear 75K"

Oh my! Production is "so 'spensive!"

Maybe in my next blog I'll talk about my music equipment and recording/merch investments...not! You get the idea.

I'm lucky Hunter and I work so well together and that I'm able to call him my friend and confidant. Everything he's done has been amazing (including his short films and commercial work) and it takes three things; talent, perseverance and the right tools to get the job done.

I think creative expression plays a roll in making the world go round, and my goal with this is to encourage others to follow their dreams, put aside the self defeating thoughts and do what makes them happy, even if it feels a bit awkward!

If you haven't already, please consider a pledge. Every bit helps! >> CLICK HERE <<

You rock!


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