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why am I doing this?

It’s been a long and slow process producing an album, but I have finally begun to see the finish line. There is still more work to do, but it will be worth it in the end, to somebody, hopefully.

I feel extremely fortunate that I have been able to take this journey. It's taken me a while to understand why I've felt compelled to take this road. I’ve been working almost every single day on something music-related; whether it's sketching concepts, designing merchandise, working with other artists, researching, booking gigs to keep the funds flowing, or writing the next notebook full of songs people just might hear three or four years from now (laughs). I love to poke fun at myself!

The real reason it’s not done yet is because it’s like developing any business, really. There are a ton of variables that come in to play that have to be done in a certain order. Music arrangements, artwork, rehearsal, tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, marketing and the list goes on. I think with all of that being done as a D.I.Y. "business," there comes a lot of mental preparation in releasing an album as well. It can be a vulnerable feeling to say the least. I think anyone running a business can relate. At the end of the day, I want to get it right.

I’ve recently been asking myself questions related to WHY.

WHY am I doing this, really? It's taken me a while to be able to answer this question fully, and there are many reasons, which I plan to talk about in future blogs. One reason is remembering the first music festival I went to as a fan. I saw Jewel at Lilith Fair in Milwaukee. When she sang, I felt a sharp sensation in my chest that I couldn’t quite describe. I'll never forget it. It wasn’t pain, but something else. It was a release. Ever since then, I felt compelled to start writing. Did I think it would take me here? Not really. I didn't understand then what it really meant to be a music artist and all that goes into it, but the urge to keep going never stopped. Yes, I have fears, but when we let fear stop us, we live with regret, and nobody wants that.

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