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recording studio: studio where tapes and records are recorded. also, workplace for the teaching or p

The studio, as defined by the dictionary, sounds like just the right space to perfect, then record and capture the music you've created.

I wish it could be that easy!

Working in the studio is exciting, and inspiring. Every time I step foot into a studio, I try to remember everything about the experience. I know I am fortunate to be there, and understand how fleeting any success -- not only while there, but with music in general -- can be. One day you are certain you must be just measures away from putting the final touches on a song. The next, you want to tear it apart.

But, it's really thanks to your interest and support that I keep at it.

Releasing the song "Whitney" recently was like having a baby. Well…you know what I mean! Except it took even longer.

I started writing the early versions of "Whitney," three years ago.

And when I finally got to the point of deciding to record it, we did it in a hundred little pieces: five different locations, the voices and instruments of more than nine people.

I eventually approached Megatone Studio Producer Paul Schluter, who I knew from working in the past could help me carefully craft all of the pieces into the finished "vision."

Along with Paul, friends and members from my former and current band (including Paul), added to the creation. Together, we went over every note, section by section. I hadn't released a brand new song in a while, so wanted it to be the best representation of what I'm working on with my album. I wanted to love it and be proud of it.

And I wanted YOU to love it, too.

The week following Memorial Day I received notice from Reverbnation, the site where "Whitney" was placed, that it had hit the #1 ranking. A simple way to explain it -- Reverbnation automatically calculates the listening activity on your specific page compared to others from the prior two weeks. In that short time, "Whitney" was released and shared with you, and because you listened to it -- it jumped up in rank. Believe it or not, a growth in Facebook and twitter followers is also added to the final ranking.

So after all the angst of writing, then finally putting the pieces of "Whitney" together, it's out there. And you've made me feel so honored because this #1 ranking would never happen without you.

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