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Welcome to my side hustle

Life: Life is strange isn't it? The world is changing at an astronomical pace, and sometimes it can feel hard to keep up. I've found over the years that to fully understand who and what we are meant to be throughout this lifetime doesn't happen by waiting on perfection, it's starts by taking a chance on our ideas, and moving forward with them. Until we take a chance, we can never fully embrace a sense of fulfillment. Until we understand that growth is fluid, and ever changing, we stay stuck in boredom. At least I do. We as beings move in seasons. Building anything takes time, and building a "life" means taking risks. It's the process that carves and refines our true destiny.

I've ventured in many different directions in my life. I've made mistakes along the way, and I've also had some fairly profound "wins." Taking chances, hibernating, playing it safe, exploring new territory, taking chances and then hibernating again. Going off the grid, coming back on and so on and so forth. I've always had this "do it all" mentality because learning is incredibly satisfying to me.  I finally realized I had so many irons in the fire I couldn't keep up. 

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