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Guitar Lessons

Do you have a hidden desire to learn how to play the guitar?


Katie Scullin is an experienced singer-songwriter with a passion for creating music and sharing it with others. She loves spending time in the company of musicians and artists and discovering where they are on their musical journey.

Now, as Katie takes a break from touring, she is offering virtual guitar lessons for beginner to intermediate level players. Virtual, or in person lessons for the guitar are done as a one-on-one lesson format, allowing you to progress at a pace that meets your needs.

As a musician, Katie has a knack for making a song come alive in a way that honors her and her students’ unique music abilities and perspectives. She values artistic and professional independence, making her the perfect choice to help you find your sound and develop a truly confident musical voice.

If you prefer to learn about voice or songwriting lessons, Katie also offers these classes. This is an uncommon opportunity to take guitar lessons from an active and well-liked performer, so don’t wait! For more information or to sign up for these online music lessons, please reach out to Katie using this contact form.

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