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Showcase Your Best Work with The Help

of A Freelance Visual & Graphic Artist

For the last 10 years I have been a touring music artist, both regionally and nationally. My passion exists around all things creative, and isn’t just limited to performing on stage! Through Scullin Arts & Entertainment, I offer creative consulting and production for unique multimedia and promotional projects. 

After studying graphic arts, living the non-conventional life of a touring music artist, running my own business and completing my visual communications degree, I have developed the skill and passion to guide my clients toward bringing their visions to life. I offer an array of skills from concept development, 3D motion graphics, music promotion and booking, DSLR video production, audio production, music lessons, sound production and more.

I love the outdoors, snapping photos, and just creating diverse artistic works for fun. Even if your project isn’t specifically connected to the world of music, I can offer valuable assistance in contributing artistic materials and collaboration. As a freelance graphic artist, I’ve created logos, page spreads, yard signs, motion graphics, special effects projects, building props or set design, and I’ve taken senior photos, family photos, etc.

If you’d like to work with me, just reach out using this online form. I’m excited to learn more about your project and how I could provide valuable media or music promotion services for you.

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