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Business Marketing

Team Up with Katie for Better Booking and Business Marketing

As a touring musician and frequent presence on the Madison, Wis. live music scene, Katie Scullin knows the relationship between artist and venue inside out. Her experience performing in a wide variety of venues has given her an intimate understanding of what works, and what doesn’t. If you’re responsible for booking musicians, or you’re a musician trying to get better bookings, Katie is now offering her marketing and booking services to you.

Katie knows how to bridge the gap between artist and venue. She can connect the right artist to the right venue, facilitate communication, and create a mutual understanding of what each party needs and the simplest way to meet those needs. With Katie as your booking agent/music promoter, every performance can go smoother, be planned sooner, and provide a more satisfying experience to the audience every time.

Katie also offers business marketing services to artists and venues looking to get more eyes on their musical collaborations. She creates great posters, event campaigns, radio ads, logos, press kits, album artwork, and more. When you work with Katie, you get promotional materials that match the aesthetic of your project, attract sponsors, and reach the audience you need.

Katie Scullin has found plenty of success forging bonds with artists and venues, and has become a local favorite - even named a Best of Madison winner in 2019. If you’re interested in working with her on your business marketing, music booking or promotion, just complete this online form to reach out to her today!

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