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Virtual Voice Lessons with Katie Scullin

Are you looking for virtual voice lessons? If so, take virtual voice lessons with Katie Scullin. Katie Scullin lives life through her music. Katie’s musical style reveals remarkable diversity. Her live music and design journey began in 2009, playing with the rock group Rivalry at a summer music festival featuring musicians recognized as emerging artists.

It was then that people stopped and listened to this most authentic singer-songwriter who fronted Rivalry. And more than a decade later, Katie continues to show impressive artistry growth, originality, and a true and loyal fan base.

In the past dozen years or so, Katie’'s live music has evolved and now includes many nominations and awards, plus the release of Pieces - a full-length studio album funded by the generosity of Katie’s fans and supporters through a Kickstarter campaign.

Among the dozen songs released by Katie on Pieces, is –

Dream Awake – a mood-ridden ballad so named by a fan after hearing Katie sing the song live. Creating music has been a part of Katie’s life journey, which she now shares with her son – who has now made several cameo appearances in the Dream Awake video.

You Draw the Line – this sepia-toned and white video creates a monotone palette that encourages us to witness Katie’s musical talent, while she bravely shares herself through the feeling each note and lyric brings.

Another amazing song by the Katie Scullin Band is Sweet Escape. Katie masterfully weaves a hopeful melodic tale with jazzy and sexy undertones a listener will remember long after Katie and her ankle-high red boots depart for another show.

If you have an interest in taking virtual voice lessons with Katie or would like additional information regarding her potential musical project collaboration, complete this online form.