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Last week I wandered down to Music City and attended a recording clinic called "Fett's Empowering Women in Audio" hosted by Fett & his wife Nancy Moran. It was a four day class all about audio engineering, production, and music demoing. Not so much plugging in a microphone and pressing record, but in depth information on what exactly is happening when sound is recorded, learning various microphones and placement techniques, understanding compression, EQ, frequency, ratios and bit depth and so so much more about the business. It was literally all the tools needed in carving, sanding and perfecting ones craft sonically.

In a widely male dominant industry, this clinic was all about nurturing women in their quest for more information on these tools. Audio engineering and producing is intimidating to say the least. We've all seen an a mixing console and thought to ourselves at one time "I could never do that." To me it looks like someone who's about to fly into outer space with all of those buttons and knobs. We joked about the fact that it really is like brain surgery or rocket science. If nips and tucks are not done with precision and care, disaster can surly happen.

To any women out there who are seeking more knowledge in audio and the music business without the stigma of most likely being the elephant in the room, I highly recommend Fett's class. I've never taken away so much information in any class as I did in those four days. We also all received a Certificate of Completion. To say I'm probably most proud of this accomplishment compared to a lot of other "awards" I've received is an understatement.

I'm excited to apply this information to my next series of projects which have been brewing since the release of PIECES in February. I have also been able to apply this knowledge to my live performances and am so pumped to step it up a notch. I've had a few people tell me about something called Concert Window where you can watch a live performance from the comfort of your own living room anywhere in the world. Stay tuned. Concert Window show in the works!

Shows coming up:

Aug 4: Mile of Music | Acoustic Trio |

Aug 5: Parallel 44 - Kewanee | Solo |

Aug 9: Barrie Band Shell - Fort Atkinson | AltarBoy Picnic/Katie Scullin Band Mashup | Link

Aug 11: Green Bay Country Club | Solo |

Aug 18: Cafe Carpe - Fort Atkinson | Solo | $10 Admission | Reservations Encouraged | Link

Aug 31: The Dump - Cambria | Solo |

Sept 7: High Noon Saloon Patio Show | Acoustic Band | Link

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