Music Artist

An Innovative Music Artist Doing it Her Way!

Katie is that rare type of musical artist with a polished, yet raw sound that sets a style rather than follows one. Her fans have had the good fortune of watching Katie’s talent evolve over the past dozen or so years – ever since she broke onto the music scene at a large summer music festival featuring emerging artists from Wisconsin and beyond.

Katie has been quite busy lately.

On her musical journey, Katie has fronted several musical groups like Rivalry, Star Persons, and the Fortune Tellers. Katie has also won multiple music awards, has garnered many honors and welcomed her son to her world.

As a unique music artist, Katie’s music speaks to all of our emotions as she bravely shares with us all of what it means to be human and alive. Katie delivers hauntingly melodic ballads that touch your soul, with an innate ability to seamlessly and smoothly transition mid-stream to rhythmic toe-tapping lyrics that speak to the very real need for hope and happiness.

The Walrus, a musical endeavor with The Fortune Tellers, is a video expose’ of Katie’s rare, yet vulnerably-shared musical talent. Katie now offers virtual guitar and vocal lessons and is considering an online streaming event project in the near future.

Her self-produced, Kickstarter-funded album entitled Pieces, includes twelve tracks of the best of Katie Scullin. Two tracks – Dream Awake, and You Draw the Line – are now available online as music videos.

If you would like additional information regarding Katie’s online guitar and vocal lessons or her in-the-works online streaming event, complete this online form.